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About Our Conference Interpretation Program

GARI Conference offer special benefit for the entire International and Local presenters, listeners and other participants called “Language Interpretation” service. Conference interpretation is conveying a message spoken in one language into another. Conference interpretation enables participants in a multinational meeting to communicate with one another in a seamless fashion, making the language barrier almost imperceptible. The modern practice of conference interpretation is usually considered to date from the Nuremberg trials of 1945-1946. But throughout history people of different languages and cultures have made use of interpretation to communicate with and understand each other. Interpreters have always been involved in the development of international trade and cultural exchange.

GARI Conference use ENGLISH as its Language but we know how people important their “Mother Language” so On pre-request GARI facilitate RUSSIAN, FRENCH, CHINESE, SINHALA interpreter service within the conference.

The skills of the GARI conference interpreter

  • Interpreters have complete mastery of their working languages, including an excellent command of their native language.
  • They have Good mind, level of general education, lively and flexible intellect, analytic capacity, also be able to concentrate, good memory, pleasant voice and professional confidentiality.