Global Academic Research Institute (GARI) is international scientific research conference organizer in collaboration with international universities & institutions. GARI have brought together leading academic and industry professionals from different countries to share global knowledge with everyone. We bring diversity experience and expertise in different academic or scientific disciplines. Business management, Economics, Health & Medicine, Ayurveda & Traditional medicine, Education, Peace & conflict management, Sustainability, Engineering & technology, Social science, law, election & democracy, language & literature, distance learning, leadership, sport science, aerospace, robotics and many more and scientific conference host in Sri Lanka as well as USA, Thailand, Portugal, India, China and many countries in the world.

We established on 2010 as independent service provider then wider range of experience GARI became a powerful arm of scientific research conference organizer in the industry. Sri Lanka has more-than 2500 years long history of culture and Education, that exposure we share with world today. Our symbolic hospitality for participant became via our tradition. So every single scientist treated with the greatest care and attention.

Global Academic Research Institute

"Making Practitioners for Tomorrow"

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